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Muruga and Vedic Astrology

To worship Muruga, it is essential that Mars  in the chart must be favorable. Mars in the birth chart or Prasna chart represents different kinds of divine forms. So, according to the classics, if Mars is in the house of the Surya, Chandra, Mesha, Guru, he represents Subramanya Swamy. If Mars is in the 5th or 9th house or in the ascendant and in the above houses, he must be propitiated.  If Mars in the Ascendant, total submission at the deity is required. In the 5th – the mantrastanaH mantras and puja procedures play a vital role while the number of times the repetition of the mantra is important.  In the 9th house, He plays a role of the guru and must be kept beside us always.  Mars is exalted in Capricorn and  powerful in Aries. Hence, when the Sun comes to either of these two houses, it  will be easier for His Upasana.


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