mannArguDi periyavAL

abhyanyAmaram ArirAtayiShadAm yat pAda pangkeruha-
dvantvArAdhanam antarAyahataye kAryam tvavashyam viduH |
tathetAriti nItividdu bhajate devam yam ekam param
sarvArtha pratipAdanaika chaturo dvaimAturo avyAt sa naH ||

The meaning of the shloka is that even those who wish to do puja to some other deity than vigneshvara, have known that they should first necessarily worship vigneshvara’s two lotus feet, in order that any vigna  that might arise in their puja is removed. If one who does the puja has knowledge of the ‘tat-hetu nyAyam’, without thinking of worshipping any other deity, finishes it with vigneshvara who is the eka para vastu–one Reality. May that vigneshvara, who in this way is capable of doing pUrti–completion, of sakala kArya–all tasks, do-rakShaNa-of–protect, us.

In his book ‘nyAyendu shekaram’, mannArguDi periyavAL, a great sanskRta scholar and teacher, has composed the following shloka on vigneshvara as the mangala shloka of the text


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