mahA gaNapatim manasA smarAmi |


mahA gaNapatim manasA smarAmi |

mahA gaNapatim

vasishTa vAma dEvAdi vandita ||

mahA dEva sutam guruguha nutam |

mAra kOTi prakAsham shAntam ||

mahA kAvya nATakAdi priyam

mUshika vAhanA mOdhaka priyam ||


Mahaganapati  my salutations to you. I meditate on You, the great Ganapati.

You are the one who is worshipped by great sages such as Vashishta and Vamadeva.

You are the son of the Lord Shiva. You are always adored by ‘Guruguha’, Lord Skanda.

You have a beauty and shine with the brilliance of a thousand ‘manmatas’ .

You are the embodment of peace and tranquility. You love great poetry and drama.

You have as the vehicle, as a mount,  a small mouse.

You love the modhakas, a variety of sweet made of rice and coconut.

I bow to thee. My lord, Maha Ganapati.


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